About amanda

With a background in graphic design, and more than 3 years of experience in media and book production, Amanda has seen the importance of detail and practicality in order to create a successful design. After completing some freelance design projects and publishing three books in Panama, Amanda started Cinnamon Press to provide design and production services.

Amanda is originally from Panama but lives in New York City. She loves cinnamon, eating, books and people.




Giannina and Ximena are currently studying photography at "Universidad del Arte Ganexa" in Panama City, Panama. They joined Lilia and Amanda in an effort to complete there practical training requirements. After the first book was done, they joined us for the second one, Menu, and are still working with us for a possible second volume of Comiendo en Familia.

ABOUT LILIA - author

Lilia is a 70-year-old Colombian grandmother, nurse, gangster, and cook. Her culinary experience is purely empirical; during her years as a baby nurse Lilia spent an inordinate amount of time watching cooking shows. As she got inspired by shows, she would prepare delicious meals for the babies' families and her own. Years later, while she was working as a family chef, Lilia approached Amanda with a desire to publish her recipes. Up to that point, Lilia had gained a solid audience and since she had always been secretive about her recipes the book was a hit and sold out within a month of the launching date. This was Cinnamon Press' first publication!